Optimize Your Dental Insurance Coverage With Us


professional care

DENTAL INSURANCE At Four Corners Dental & Dentures, our patients can save thousands of dollars on their dental procedures. Our patients receive professional care from Dr. James D. Moore, DDS or one of our other licensed dentists. We accept Colorado Medicaid, and have access to numerous senior grant programs for those seniors without dental insurance. Ask us if you qualify! If you have dental insurance, we will be happy to file a claim for you or provide you with instructions for you to file the claim to smoothly and quickly receive reimbursement. Saving hundreds of dollars is just that easy!

Price at other dental offices:

  • TOTAL PRICE: $3500
  • BAD NEWS: Your insurance may not cover any more dental procedures this year.

Savings at Four Corners Dental:

  • TOTAL PRICE: $1400
  • FOR A COMPLETE SET OF DENTURES, YOU PAY: $1400 upfront (then we reimburse you what your insurance pays)
  • YOUR INSURANCE COVERS: $700 (this is reimbursed to you, making your out-of-pocket expense only $700)
  • GOOD NEWS: You saved over $500 and your insurance will still cover up to $1300 of more dental work this year.